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Angela’s Garden Gauntlet Gloves

by Jean Gallagher on April 3, 2010

These gloves are specially made to protect you from rose thorns,  but for those of you who have worked in close quarters in a greenhouse, your arms can get scratched up no matter what type of plants you are tending.

These Angela’s Garden Gauntlet Gloves, are the ultimate in protection for both men and women, although these particular rose gloves are available for women only. Maybe for men it’s a badge of honor to sport  scratches and scrapes.

Made of washable kidskin leather with heavy duty synthetic suede, they’re washable (by hand, of course) but they’re very tough.

If you’ve ever worked for hours in your greenhouse you know how fatigued  your hands can become. Bionics will change that with padding in all the right places. They are amazingly flexible and breathable even though they are so strong.

I have no negatives to say about these rose gloves. They are so popular that they are almost out of stock. More are expected though, so don’t worry about missing out.

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