BC Greenhouse Builders

BC Greenhouse BuildersAnd they say customer service is dead!  Buy a greenhouse from BC Greenhouse Builders and you’ll think you stepped back in time when customer service meant just that – service.

Located in Surrey, British Columbia, BC Greenhouse has been in business since 1961.  In 1972, Henry Heinen, a hard working and dedicated employee of the company, purchased it in 1972.  He and his wife, Greta have been operating the company ever since.

Their goal is simple. Design and engineer the highest quality structure and back it up with superior customer support. I read on a blog last month that a gentleman has purchased a BC Greenhouse used from the University of Vancouver.  He trucked it to Texas and upon building the structure, needed some assistance.  He was amazed that the company, even though they hadn’t made a dime on the sale, worked with him until his structure was up and running.

Now that’s customer service!

It’s also important to note that since the company is located in a cold climate, they are no stranger to snow and wind.  The structural strength of their greenhouses, both hobby and commercial, is second to none.

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