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Bionic Womens Rose Gloves

by Jean Gallagher on April 10, 2010

I know I reviewed a glove that I love in an earlier post, but these Bionic Rose gloves just came back in stock. If you need rose gloves, you should take a look before they’re out of stock again.

If you need heavy-duty protection from rose thorns, the long  sharp thorns of a bougainvillea, or if you are just pruning dense branches, these gloves offer super protection.

The leather is very dense so even the sharpest thorn can’t easily penetrate. Yet, since the goatskin is supple you can feel what you are working with, the soil,  branches even delicate roots. Strong but delicate, isn’t that what we all want? Because of the way they are constructed with webbing between the fingers and motion zones at the knuckles, you’ll enjoy unrestricted hand movement. This also keeps your hands from tiring.

One user, a Master Gardener with severe arthritis in her hands, says these are the greatest thing since pockets on shirts! They are the only gloves that keep her hands from swelling and she says she can’t destroy them, (the gloves, not her hands) even with daily wear and tear.

Everyone who owns them gives them 5 stars. There is even a short version if you don’t need the full arm protection.

Your hands will thank you in these Bionic Women’s Rose Gloves and you’ll be fashionable to boot! There is a 60 day return policy, so you’ve got nothing to lose. But you won’t want to return these, of that I’m sure.

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