Cold Frame Gardenstarter

Cold Frame by Sunshine GardenhouseDid you know you might be able to grow lettuce all year round with no heat? Unless your climate is especially frigid, you may be able to stretch your growing season to 12 months a year with a cold frame set in a sunny location.

By planting lettuce in pots in this GardenStarter, the heat generated from the sun will keep your plants warm during the day. If the weather falls below the low 20’s F or -4 C, it’s a good idea to cover your ColdFrame with burlap bags or old blankets. Even a light bulb will help keep your plants warm.

Different types of lettuces are always the best crop to grow in a cold frame, but don’t stop there. This GardenStarter cold frame is deep enough for you to also plant carrots and radishes using a deep pot. Or try endive, chard, and green onions. Experimenting is half the fun.

This cold frame is light enough that you can move it to any garden area. If you have a raised bed you could try placing it there. The heat of the sun will warm the soil and you can plant seeds earlier than usual. You could even put heat coils in the soil and start planting when the soil around it is still frozen.

There are many options for this cold frame. It’s small size makes a great starter area for seeds, but try the winter gardening also. It will be great fun to pick lettuce in the snow. Check it out here.

Size Options
2′ W x 4′ L x 1’4″ H

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