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Early Blossoms on Greenhouse Seedlings – Disaster!

by Jean Gallagher on February 23, 2011

Scheduling is one of the most difficult problems that we gardeners have. We’re all pushing for warmer days, but in some parts of the country, the weather just won’t cooperate.
If you plant your vegetable seeds too early you won’t be able to transplant them at the right time. The seedlings, still trapped in their tiny containers, can become confused and begin to flower. This means their internal clock is off which can translate to lower yields.

As soon as you see a plant beginning to bloom, immediately pluck off the blossoms and continue to pluck until you are able to transplant.

Since the weather is changing so dramatically all around the world, the plant charts that gardeners have been using for years aren’t too accurate any longer.  Even if the weather is warming and you think you’re safe moving your vegetable plants outdoors, a surprise storm can ruin all your efforts.

What’s the safest solution? Consider a temporary greenhouse that you can place over any area of your vegetable garden to protect the tender plants from a freak storm. When the weather is safe again, simply remove the greenhouse. There are several different types that work well for just this purpose – I’ve reviewed several of them on the review pages of this site. You can read my review of the Spring Gardener Gable here.

If you’re not ready for a greenhouse, at least consider planting your seeds in larger pots so if you have to wait to transplant, at least they won’t have their roots stunted in tiny containers.

Photo from Annie’s Kitchen Garden.

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