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Easter, earthquakes and sunshine

by Jean Gallagher on April 4, 2010

It was very sunny here in Palm Desert this weekend – then the winds came up. I was doing some work in the garden when the earthquake hit. Never a dull moment here in California.Yet another reason to have a greenhouse in the desert. The wind sucks the life out of plants. Anything that likes moist soil won’t survive here unless I water several times a day. Even in Los Angeles, plants beg for moisture but it’s nothing like here in the desert.

Flowers abound everywhere. The golf course communities, or which there are many, boast masses of petunias, snap dragons and other colorful blooms. They are planted in tight masses for maximum visual impact. They’re everywhere.

My personal favorite is this display of blue and purple. They stand out from all the masses of mixed colors everywhere else. The image doesn’t do them justice – they stretch as far as the eye can see. I usually like more fiery colors, reds and oranges, but these intense blue blossoms are really amazing.

Have you all started on your early vegetables? It’s getting to be that time. I’m near the end of the veggie season here in the desert. I have to go back to Los Angeles for summer vegetables. It’s too hot in the desert. Here, veggies get planted in the fall and harvested in spring so if I get back to Los Angeles, I’ll have the best of both worlds.

Even the farmers market shuts down in early June. Los Angeles here I come!

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