Garden Greenhouse by Duramax

garden greenhouse by duramaxKnown primarily for their extensive line of vinyl sheds, DuraMax now offers two sizes in their garden greenhouse.

The reviews are mostly positive, with one notable exception. The manufacturers say assembly of this greenhouse kit can be done in under 4 hours. We have yet to find anyone who was able to assemble this kit in less than 1 day, often several days and the general consensus is that it is difficult to understand the instructions.

For the money however, the structure is solidly built and attractive and most agree that overall, they would buy this unit again despite the  difficult setup.

In both size units the lockable extra wide double sliding doors makes it easy for you to bring your wheelbarrow right up to your work area.

The frame is reinforced with metal and is durable in all types of weather. Guaranteed not to rust or rot. This is a strong structure but not recommended for winter use in harsh climates.

The side panels are UV resistant polycarbonate and clear, which enables you to show off your plants. Although UV resistant, it is advisable to use a shade cloth for protection from direct and harsh sun during the warmer months.

Included in the purchase price are both an adjustable roof vent and foundation.

The Duramax greenhouse comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Size Options
8′ 6″ W x 6′ L x 6′ 6″ H
10′ 6″ W x 7′ 11″ L x 6′ 11″ H

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