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You’ve come to this page because you’ve been thinking about owning your own garden greenhouse. Maybe your mouth has been watering just thinking about those delicious fresh vegetables and herbs you’ll grow all year ’round.  Maybe you can smell the fragrance of hundreds of beautiful blooms.

Whatever your reason for dreaming of your own home garden greenhouse, there are many affordable choices on the market today from mini sizes to the large commercial type.  Your choice will be determined in part by what you decide to grow. The selection is almost unlimited.

Do you want to force bulbs? You can. Grow your own herbs? Imagine having fresh herbs for all your cooking or dry them for later. Start your spring flowers from seed and save money. You’ll still be up and growing before the rest of the neighborhood.

Picture beautiful orchids, feel the moist air and smell the fragrance. Close cattleyas243your eyes and you can almost believe you’re in the tropics. Orchids are easy to grow, despite what most people believe. They appear so delicate that many gardeners think that the slightest misstep will destroy their beauty. Quite the contrary. Left to their own devices, within reason of course, these exquisite blooms will divide year after year, growing before your eyes. With simple care they will give you many years of joy.  The varieties seem unlimited. I often pick up unusual ones on my travels. Orchid lovers will understand what it means to show off a variety that none of your fellow gardeners and friends has seen before.

hanging vanda orchidsMany orchids grow from crevices in trees.  You can tuck orchids in the “rafters” of your greenhouse.  They will not only be happy there, they’ll add a touch of magic.

Just be sure to buy a greenhouse that has a lot of overhead space, like these Rion Greenhouses available at Amazon. Once you try growing orchids in the air, you will want to keep adding and you can quickly run out of space.  Be certain you not only have the space, but there is a support or hanger for you to attach your plants.

Vanda’s, seen pictured here, are an excellent choice if your greenhouse gets a lot of sun.  If you have shaded areas, phalaenopsis or cattleyas will be happier.

My personal favorite is vegetables. Nothing has the sweet taste of a tomato just picked or a bell pepper or your very own carrots. Supermarket producyummy tomatoese departments will take on the flavor of cardboard once you grow and harvest your own crop. Maybe I’m spoiled living in California, but I expect fresh vegetables all year round. Unfortunately because most people here demand the same, the larger markets carry most types of fresh produce 12 months a year. The problem is that it is shipped in from other parts of the world. By the time we get it, it’s expensive and tasteless, although often nice to look at. If you’re an artist painting a still-life study of a bowl of fruit or veggies, go ahead and spend your money. Otherwise, I’d say save it and grow your own.

If you plan to grow vegetables in your greenhouse, you can get narrow shelves to start your seedlings early in the season then transplant outside when the danger of frost has passed. Then, you can extend your growing season by simply removing the narrow shelves like these Riga greenhouses offer and moving your plants indoors when the weather turns cold in the fall. Depending on the temperature you keep your greenhouse, you can grow some varieties of vegetables all year round, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Vegetables and orchids and I’m in heaven.

Check out the huge selection of greenhouse kits available at AllGreenhouses.  There is something for every gardener.  Have fun – and think of me when you pick that first red, juicy, sweet tomato with your own hands. I accept “thank you” emails.

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