Gardener Commercial Greenhouse

gardener commercial greenhouse by julianaJuliana has always made quality greenhouses and their Gardener Commercial Series is no exception.

Available in sizes from 16 to 65 feet, this is a serious professional piece of equipment.

Used by market farmers and educators this is the perfect structure for semi-professionals.

This greenhouse has multiple features including a wide double door for easy access of equipment and an additional door in the traditional split dutch or stable style.

The base of this heavy duty unit is made of galvanized steel and provides a solid foundation. The frame is heavy duty aluminum with 6mm twinwall polycarbonate panels.

Multiple univent window openers are included, the number of windows varies depending on the size greenhouse you choose.

Another appealing feature of the Gardener is the ability to divide the interior space into separate rooms for multiple uses.

Choose your size carefully. It seems no matter how large the greenhouse, after a couple of years it’s always too small. This is a serious greenhouse.  Juliana Gardener Series.

Size Options
11′ 9″ W x 24′ L x 8′ 7″ H
11′ 9″ W x 32′ L x 8′ 7″ H
11′ 9″ W x 49′ L x 8′ 7″ H
11′ 9″ W x 65′ L x 8′ 7″ H

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