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Gardener’s Time Lapse Video Camera

by Jean Gallagher on April 5, 2010

This has to be the coolest addition to your gardening arsenal.  An affordable timelapse video camera for your garden. You can focus as close as 20 inches and watch each petal open before your eyes!I want to try it on tomatoes. Imagine watching as the blossoms form then turn into tiny green balls, then grow into rosy, red full-grown tomatoes, ready for eating. How can you resist?

Do you want to view a sample video? Go here and you can watch as a blossom goes from tiny bud to fully opened in just a matter of seconds.

You can run it off batteries so you don’t even have to worry about power. It has a light sensor, it’s weather resistant so the moisture in your greenhouse won’t hurt it, and it has a wide field of view.

Read more about it and buy it HERE. I dare you to resist!

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