A Glass Greenhouse – Is it your Best Choice?

Personally, I prefer a glass greenhouse.  They are definitely the most beautiful to look at and most enjoyable to work in.  There are pros and cons though.

If you live in a very cold climate, a polycarbonate panel, especially the double or triple-walled, 10mm thick variety, will give the greatest insulation and most protection against snow and hail.  Some glass garden greenhouses offer glass wall panels but a poly roof.  This gives you the beauty of the clear glass with the overhead protection of polycarbonate.

It’s important that glass be tempered for protection.  More expensive, but worth the added safety.  Glass won’t discolor as will poly, over time, but of course, it’s more easily cracked and broken.  If you have children that play soccer or baseball nearby, you better rethink your panel material.  Glass is easy to clean and you can use anything you ordinarily use to clean glass..  Just be sure whatever you use isn’t toxic and of course, be careful with fumes, but a good natural cleaner such as vinegar will work well to keep the glass sparkling.

A very beautiful glass and aluminum greenhouse is the Jr. Orangerie, patterned after the huge orangeries from the 1600 and 1700’s.  They were originally built to house orange trees, but their unique style is timeless and makes a beautiful addition to a garden.

Another of my favorites is the Victorian by Janssens of Belgium.  This greenhouse kit, like the Orangerie, comes with an aluminum frame.Victorian

If you choose glass as your panel material, be sure the frame and foundation are very strong. It’s also important to seal each piece of glass carefully so no cold air seeps in. Take note that the aluminum-framed glass greenhouse can be more expensive to heat in a very cold winter as these materials absorb the cold.

Glass lets in a lot of sunlight, which can be a plus.  However, it can also burn your plants, so adding shade cloth will be necessary.

If you’re concerned with aesthetics, there is nothing to match the beauty of a glass paneled greenhouse, nor the sheer enjoyment of being able to look out at your surroundings.

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