Green Giant and Prestige by Rion

Prestige and Green Giant by RionImagine working in your garden greenhouse watching your children playing in the yard. You can do this with Rion’s Prestige series because the panels are clear single-layer polycarbonate. Most poly’s are opaque so a clear version is unusual. For your plants that love sunlight, this could be their perfect home. If you’re proud of your plants (and what gardener isn’t) the clear panels will show them off.

If your green thumb tends toward more shade loving flora, opt for Rion’s Green Giant. Exactly the same as the Prestige, but the panels are opaque with dual polycarbonate panels. You can still see through but not clearly.

One of the more popular garden greenhouses, the Rion Green Giant and Prestige models are identical to one another except for the difference in the opacity of their panels.

These greenhouse kits are best known for the relative ease of assembly. Don’t let the number of pieces deter you. The greatest hint I can give is to follow the directions closely. Like any assembly, when you get to the 50th piece, if you haven’t followed step-by-step you may find you missed the 14th piece and have to go back. Not much fun to disassemble all that work. If you’re organized and inventory each piece into a separate pile, assembling them will be just like follow-the-numbers.

Another unusual feature of these greenhouses is the frame material. The frame pieces are a rigid and very durable resin. This makes them very easy to snap together without cutting up your hands. The resin is also a great choice for a structure you’re building over a water feature such as a hot tub. It won’t warp as will wood, or rust as a metal frame might.

Both the Rion Green Giant and Prestige greenhouse models are a full 8 feet tall. The roofline is barn-style which gives more headroom than the traditional A-frame. The width, which gives plenty of room for two benches and plenty of walking and bending space is 8.5 feet. You can begin with as small as 8.5 Ventilationfeet in length up to 24 feet, but you can add additional modules and make it even bigger.

If you choose anything other than the very smallest size greenhouse, there are times you will want to bring equipment such as a wheelbarrow inside. The doors of these models are dual-opening which give you a larger space than most. You could even order a second set of doors for the other end of the structure which would allow you to walk straight through. Depending on how your greenhouse is situated, this could be very helpful. Picture a narrow side yard that until now was good for nothing but a dog run (and you don’t even have a dog). A door on either end of the greenhouse structure could turn this into usable space.


The foundation of your greenhouse is an important factor and not to be overlooked. Both the Green Giant and Prestige come with a foundation kit. The greenhouse mounts directly onto the base which can then be set up to either go right into the ground or can be bolted into any hardscape such as concrete or pavers.

One of the best methods is to set the foundation directly onto the soil, a bit below grade for stability in bad weather. You can then add gravel inside which helps to keep the interior clean and your feet from getting muddy. It also assists with drainage. You can easily move the gravel aside wherever you want to plant something directly into the ground.

The Green Giant comes with dual-poly and the Prestige is single-poly. There is not a massive difference in the insulation abilities between the two. A more important consideration when choosing between the two models is your preference for clear vs opaque. The roof panels of both models are dual-poly.

The Rion greenhouses are very popular. Most greenhouse sell most of the accessories separately but Rion includes most everything you need. Once assembled, all you have to do is start planting!

Check out the full line of Prestige greenhouse kits here and Green Giant at this link.

Size Options
8′ W x 12′ L x 8′ 7″ H
8′ W x 16′ L x 8′ 7″ H
8′ W x 20′ L x 8′ 7″ H
8′ W x 24′ L x 8′ 7″ H

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