Greenhouse Kits – Get Growing Faster

Now that you’ve decided to buy a backyard greenhouse, what do you choose? Will you build it yourself or purchase a kit and construct the ready-cut pieces?

The most popular choice for most greenhouse buyers is to purchase one of the numerous kits on the market. You will be planting in no time. There are many options:

  • frame material
  • panel material
  • design

You’re buying a kit in order to make the construction easier, but don’t forget the need for a foundation. Some greenhouses can be built directly on the bare ground. Others can be placed on a deck. Many are even portable and very lightweight. These can be placed over a garden bed and moved to a different location later. It’s important to remember however, if you live in an area of harsh weather, whatever structure you choose will need to be anchored to a base so the wind doesn’t blow it over. In some cases just a base frame will be adequate. You can anchor your greenhouse to the base frame with steel anchors. If you want a very strong and permanent solution, you would be wise to sink the frame below the soil and anchor it with footings. You could even pour a concrete walkway between the benches, but it isn’t necessary. Gravel or something similar works well. offers kits of all types of units with many choices of frames, panels, sizes and styles.

Options to Think About

Frame Materials

aluminum frame materialAluminum is a very popular choice for greenhouses today. If you choose a color, such as green or white, the pieces will already come pre-finished. The pieces of the frame are pre-drilled and ready to assemble. There is even a snap-together aluminum model.

Wood is the material of choice for the purist. Redwood or cedar are popular choices, but they must be treated if they are to last. The pieces of the frame also come pre-cut and pre-drilled and ready for assembly.

Another option is resin. These can be less expensive and are quite strong and rigid.  The pre-measured and cut pieces snap together.   One benefit of the resin material for use in the greenhouse frame is its ability to withstand dampness. You can use it to cover a hot tub as well as your plants. You’ll never have to worry about your frame warping or rusting with all the extra steam generated.

Plastic is often used in temporary mini structures that can be folded up and put away when not in use.

Panel Materials

twinwall polycarbonate

Panel materials also vary in shape and size. There is single and double paned glass, or you might opt for polycarbonate. Poly comes in many different strengths and thicknesses. If you live in a very cold climate, the thicker polys will help keep your greenhouse heating bills low.

Some greenhouse kits include glass panels for the sides and poly for the roof for additional roof strength. Others offer panels that are single strips from ground to roof, rather than individual squares (or rectangles).

Other Factors


greenhouse roof ventAll greenhouses need ventilation. The larger kits include window vents, many with automatic openers. These vents are automatically controlled by the use of paraffin which expands and contracts depending on the temperature. This causes the vent to open and close automatically.


Don’t forget greenhouse benches. Some kits come with the benches included while others offer them as an accessory. You can use anything for a bench as long as it’s sturdy and has the ability to drain, but be sure to check what is offered with each model. Often there are benches made by the same manufacturer that are constructed to attach directly to the greenhouse frame.

What style greenhouse do you want? You might opt for a free-standing model, a lean-to or a simple box greenhouse. The choices are really quite endless. It’s no wonder more gardeners choose greenhouse kits over the more costly and time consuming custom structures.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have many years of joys ahead.

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