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The GrowCampThe GrowCamp, manufactured in Denmark, is an award-winning early starter greenhouse kit that may be just what you are looking for. More and more gardeners are growing their own vegetables, and the earlier in the season the seeds can be started, the more plentiful the harvest.The Grow Camp also boasts a dual award winning design having won Best New Product Innovation as well as the first place prize in the Landscape category at the recent International Garden Exposition in England.The ultimate raised bed garden kit, the Grow Camp simplifies the growing process. All you do is add water. You can even leave the pesticides in the garage. Here’s how it works. . . The Base has a raised garden bed. The gray frame of Heavy Gauge Resin is open at the bottom to prevent over-watering. The open bottom also allows for sufficient oxygen to the roots. The 20” height of the base means:

  • You can sit on a chair or stool while you garden. It’s easy on you back and knees as you won’t have to bend or kneel.
  • You’ll be able to control the quality of the soil. Use 100% compost or mix with the highest quality soil you can find and you won’t have to fight weeds and diseases. This means higher yields of higher quality.
  • Since the bed is raised above ground, you can control the soil temperature so you can plant earlier.
  • You can place your GrowCamp almost anywhere. On the grass, in a garden, even directly on a patio or deck.
The Bed is approximately 16 sq ft. (240 cm). Depending on what you plan to grow, you may not need the entire depth to be filled with soil/compost. There are soil trays available for shallow root plants. You can fill half the bed with soil and compost to the full depth and the other half with the trays.It’s more versatile however, to fill the entire bed to the full depth. This way you won’t be limited to only what fits into the shallow trays year after year. There is an exception to this. If you want to begin new seedlings but not use up your bed space, you can purchase a hanging tray and attach it to the upper framework as in the photo to the right.The Upper Framesimply clicks on and locks.The upper frame is of resin like the base but with criss-cross steel wires for added strength. The strength of the resin not only allows for hanging of a seedling tray, it also means no rust or weathering. Frame Covering Here is where the magic happens. The upper covering performs double-duty.Insect Net– effectively keeps out carrot flies, and flying, crawling, jumping insects of all kinds. Snails have a difficult time slithering up the smooth sides so they will stay away as well. If your problem with snails is severe, you can apply a self-adhesive copper strip around the edge. When the snails’ slime comes in contact with the copper an electric current is generated. This is usually only necessary if you have an unusually large number of snails.

  • TIP- It’s important to remember that if you are growing strawberries in your GrowCamp, when the strawberry plants are blossoming it will be necessary to leave the netting open a little to let bees in to pollinate.
  • The netting is attached with Velcro and is easy to remove but can be left on with the plastic covering. It doesn’t have to be either-or.
  • The net also protects against strong sunlight, breaks the wind and shields against heavy rain. The netting allows 90% of the rain to penetrate but breaks the force.
  • The netting also will protect your crop from animals, both wild and domestic, both the 2-legged and 4 legged kind – not to mention basketballs, remote control airplanes, and other random toys.
The Plastic Coverturns your GrowCamp into a full fledged greenhouse.

  • The 25mm clear plastic has UV protection for your plants.
  • The covering can be adjusted to allow for sufficient airflow while protecting from heavy winds. You can even keep the plastic panel on one side only if you just need a wind break.
  • TIP: If the cover is to be rolled up for an extended period of time, roll it “under” rather than “over”. This way the roll won’t catch and trap the rain in its fold.
  • Because the sides can be rolled up completely allowing for maximum ventilation, your growing area will not overheat in summer.
  • TIP: The covering may be left on year round, even in snow. However, if you plan to remove it for the winter, it is advisable to remove both the plastic cover and the netting. Do this before the weather freezes as the plastic will become stiff and more difficult to manage in very cold temperatures.
Assembly The entire Growcamp greenhouse can be assembled by one person in as little as one hour. Click herefor the assembly instructions. This is the full set of instructions, for the base unit as well as extensions.

Base 20 in (50cm) high by 4 ft square
Top Frame 40 in (100cm) high
Overall Height 5’ (150cm)
Weight 71.5 lbs
Additional Modules can be added in increments of 4”. It can be difficult (but not impossible) to add additional modules later, so it’s easier if you consider how much space you need from the beginning. If you do decide to add later, purchase additional clips in case you break any from the original unit.
You can grow flowers among your vegetables. You can choose varieties that are edible or simply colorful. Especially if you place your GrowCamp on a patio within view from your house, flowers will make a beautiful addition.Important Consideration– It’s important to keep the bed tidy. Cut back your plants to keep them under control or they will take up too much space and shade the other plants. Your GrowCamp will grow so prolifically, you will wish you had more than one. Because you can start your plants early, you will enjoy several harvests during the season. Your bountiful harvests will save you more than the cost of this greenhouse, not to mention the pleasure you’ll have watching your plants grow and thrive.This one is a winner! It will be SHIPPED FREE, right to your door.
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