Hobby Greenhouses

Hobby greenhouses have come into their own. Once an indulgence for the wealthy, they can now be owned and treasured by anyone who loves gardening. Being able to grow herbs, vegetables and all manner of plants indoors 12 months a year is exciting and fulfilling. There is nothing more satisfying than spending time in your very own backyard greenhouse.

Picture yourself in winter, snow falling all around and you, warm and snug inside your greenhouse surrounded by beauty and the warm damp fragrance of healthy soil. Green foliage against a backdrop of white. Here and there a shot of brilliant color. Is it really winter?

In spring you watch as the tiny early sprouts break the soil, reaching for the warmth of the sun. Summer comes and your plants grow and thrive. Because of your early harvest, you’re able to sow a second crop of veggies. You’ve also finally found a way to protect your  beloved plants from hungry creatures, big and small.

Because there are many different hobby greenhouse kits to choose from, it’s wise to put some time and thought into your purchase. Depending on your climate, you may need more or less structural strength. If you have high winds and/or heavy snowfall, you will want a strong frame and one that can be solidly anchored to a base. The other extreme of this would be if your climate is mild. In this case, you might opt for a portable structure that could be picked up and moved to cover an existing garden during the early part of the growing season.

Since panels come in many different materials and strengths, your climate will also dictate what is the best panel material for you. Clear glass is the most beautiful, but single pane glass will not give the same insulation as 10mm polycarbonate. In addition, if you have very hot, direct sun, glass panels will definitely require shade cloth.

Where will you place your greenhouse?  If it will be in full view of your home, you may choose one that is beautiful to look at, as well as functional.  There are many different styles to suit everyone, from Victorian to Conservatory to the traditional wooden.  Wood greenhouses are generally made from cedar or redwood. Aluminum greenhouses are very popular, and tend to be strong.

If your greenhouse will be out of sight, you may decide to save money and forgo style for function. For a temporary structure there are plastic greenhouses available, both in a mini or full size.

These are just some of the considerations you will think about as you decide what greenhouse will best fit your needs. It may be small or large, a beautiful design or a practical one, there is something for every greenhouse enthusiast.

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