Home Greenhouse – The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have (Gardening)

You came to this site because you’ve been thinking about buying a home greenhouse. Take it from me – there is nothing like owning your own little piece of heaven.orange bell1

  • Vegetables from your local market will never taste the same to you.
  • The fragrance of fresh plants will transport you to another place.
  • Spending time in the silence of your greenhouse will soothe your nerves.
  • Turn up your own ipod and listen to your own music, not your kids’. Save a bundle on both vegetables and plants.
  • You can even start your own plant business.
  • You could start a business making infused oils and vinegar with your own herbs.
  • What about making lotions and potions with your own herbs?

These are just a few ideas of how people just like you and me use a home garden greenhouse.herbs

My neighbor, Beverly was a stay-at-home mom. She wanted to make some extra money so she  bought a mini greenhouse. She and her daughter, Samantha decided to only grow herbs.  She also bought a garden shed to use as a drying room.  At Christmas, she and Samantha made beautiful wreathes from dried rosemary, marjoram and sage.  There was one made from two colors of oregano with red chilies and berries. (I bought that one – it was beautiful!) For spring, she used myrtle, lavender and wild roses. Her combinations are endless and she has people ordering them a year in advance.  The fragrance is so much sweeter and fresher than those sold in stores.

There is a local man, Jim who grows his own herbs and makes soaps and lotions from them.  He has built up quite a business at the local farmers’ markets. In fact, when I first met him at the market in Beverly Hills, he was working for a company that did surveys for automobile makers.  He had long ago stopped enjoying going to work.  We all celebrated the day he was able to quit and do his soaps and other products full time.  He still sells at the local farmers’ markets but he also sells to hotels, resorts and cruise lines.

A very close friend of mine, Susan got married on the winter solstice, December 21.  Her father had two greenhouses, just as a hobby, but they were filled with orchids. In fact, that’s all he grew.  When Susan married, he was able to supply every single flower she used in her wedding.  The alter was a mass of white orchids and the reception was a sea of color.  He was a very proud papa.orchids in a greenhouse

I personally love to grow vegetables. Their flavor isn’t even similar to what I used to buy in the market. I no longer buy tomatoes, ever.  If I don’t have a crop that I’ve grown myself, I go without.  Once I became spoiled by the fresh taste of home-grown tomatoes, I could never go back to those store-bought ones that have  traveled a long distance before they get to the market shelves.

I’ve been living in Palm Springs, California this year.  It’s too hot in summer for tomatoes, but winter is the perfect time.  The tomatoes love the warm winter days ,  in the 70’s and 80’s f (21-26c) but many nights the temperature falls below freezing.  A small greenhouse just for my tomato plants is the perfect solution. They are very happy.

A home greenhouse will take on the personality of its owner. Whether a mini greenhouse, portable greenhouse, small backyard greenhouse or large commercial size, use it and love it.  It will change your life.

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