Lean To by Sunshine Gardenhouse

Lean To by GardenhouseThis spacious lean-to can be a very clever and creative way to solve your greenhouse needs. Because the frame is redwood, if you paint it to match the color of your home it will be an unobtrusive but attractive addition.

The eight foot length and 4 ft width gives much more space than you’d expect. There is a door located at each end which is helpful for several reasons:

  • Opening both doors gives great air circulation. You can adjust the amount by how wide you open each door.
  • You can move about more easily when you can place tools just outside the door you aren’t using to come in and out.
  • You can place a wheelbarrow directly against the open door and it won’t block your entrance.
  • If your lean-to is placed in a very narrow sideyard, especially in neighborhoods where the setbacks are small, your lean-to won’t block access as you can walk right through.

It will be important to install tight flashing around the perimeter of the structure to keep rain and drafts out. Although this greenhouse can be placed on a deck, if the deck is wood air can come in through cracks (which almost all wood decks have) and make it difficult to regulate the temperature inside the structure. During the cold season, you could put a rubber mat on the floor to cover any cold air seepage.

The side and roof panels of this lean-to are made from 4.5mm twin-walled polycarbonate. Together with the 45 degree angle of the roof (which lets in more sunlight) this lean-to gives plenty of light while diffusing the direct rays.

The included base of this unit is made from plastic to withstand fungus and insects. It is almost unnoticeable as it’s make to look like wood.

For a small structure, this lean-to gives more space than you’d expect. If you don’t have much room for a greenhouse, this could be the perfect solution. Previous owners have given it high marks.

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Size Options
4′” W x 8′ L x 5’6″-7’3″ H

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