Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier Greenhouses

Mt Rainier and Mt Hood by Sunshine GardenhouseIf you’re a purist and want a wood frame greenhouse, Sunshine Gardenhouse
makes a sturdy high quality structure of redwood. Redwood is the wood of choice because of it’s resistance to insect and moisture damage. You can paint or leave it natural. If you prefer the natural look, a clear water repellant preservative is your best bet, but should be repainted every couple of years. If you want something more durable, use a transparent stain – you should get 3-4 years of life from a stain vs a water repellant preservative.

The base of the structure is made with recycled plastic made to look like wood. This is an important feature because the base of any greenhouse is always the most susceptible area to fungus and insect damage.

The difference in the Mt Hood and Mt. Rainier models of this greenhouse are only in the dimensions.

The Mt. Hood comes in 6′ width only. Either a 4′, 6′ or 12′ length is available and you can add one 4′ extension of needed. The highest point of the roof is 8’4″. Two vents come standard, one in the room, the other in the sidewall.

The Mt. Rainier comes in 8′ width only and comes standard with a 12′ length and roof peak of 10′. With the Mt. Rainier you can add 2 extensions for a total length of 20′. Four vents come with this model.

Both the Mt Hood and the Mt. Rainier come standard with 4.5mm doublewall poly. The doublewall keep condensation to a minimum and is extremely strong – 200 times stronger than single pane glass. If you live in an area where there are high winds, this structure has been tested to a wind load capacity of 85mph but owners have reported their Gardenhouses have withstood even higher winds.

Additionally in these times of high heating bills, the doublewall poly will lower your cost of heating. If you heat your greenhouse during the cold months, the doublewall poly will lower your heating bills by 40% over single pane glass.

The opaque poly that comes with this greenhouse has a UV resistant additive which blocks 98% of the harmful ultra-violet rayMt_+HoodAnchors while still transmitting the necessary visible rays that plants need for maximum growth.

One especially superior feature of this model greenhouse is the setup of the ventilation system. By having the automatic solar vents on the roof and matching vents on the lower wall of the structure, a chimney effect is created. Cooler air enters the base vent while the hottest point, the roof ridge, lets the hot air escape. The Dutch door provides even more ventilation control.

Another feature that makes this unit a standout is its ability to withstand high winds without a foundation. You need only anchor the corners of the Gardenhouse to the ground. An anchor kit can be purchased separately for a nominal cost.Mt Hood and Mt Ranier Bench

There is also a handsome redwood bench available at an extra cost.

Good looking and efficient, for all you purists looking for a traditional wood frame hobby greenhouse by Sunshine Gardenhouse might be your perfect choice. Check here for the full selection.

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