Snap & Grow – Silver Series Greenhouse

Snap and Grow Silver Series by Poly TexPoly-Tex’s newest addition to the Silver series, the 8 ft x 12 ft, 8 ft x 16 ft and 8′ x 20″ silver aluminum greenhouses, boast the same easy snap construction as their smaller, 6’x8′ starter series. There are additional modules available so you can add to these sizes as well (see below).

Even though the clear poly side and roof panels have 100% uv protection, in days of extreme sunlight, you will need shade cloth.

Both sizes boast large double doors which give a wide opening that enables you to easily bring equipment inside. There are two roof vents in the larger size and a single vent in the smaller, but the doors give added control of air circulation. If you add to the size of your greenhouse with an extension kit, an additional vent will be important.

A base kit is included. The base is galvanized steel to keep corrosion at bay, and spike hold-downs are included.

When adding accessories I recommend that you check Poly-Tex’s accessory list as some items are made specifically for these greenhouses. You can, of course, use any accessories, but items such as the plant hangers and shelf kit are customized to snap right into the interior channels of the frame.

Although manufactured in Minnesota where the weather is extreme, I wouldn’t recommend this unit if you live in a climate of high winds and/or a lot of snow. If your weather is relatively mild however, you will get a lot for your money with these units.

Size Options
8′ x 12′
8′ x 16′
8′ x 20′

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