Spring Gardener Gable – Portable Greenhouse Review

Spring Gardener Gable GreenhouseThe fastest selling greenhouse this spring is Jewett Cameron’s Spring Gardener Gable series – it’s a best seller for a reason. For the money you won’t find a higher quality, more attractive or easier to assemble greenhouse.

Like most gardeners, even before spring is in the air, you are ready to start planting.  It doesn’t matter if you live in an area with snow covering the ground or not, you still have to wait for the ground to warm before you can begin your garden.

The most economical solution that will give you an early start is a portable greenhouse that can be placed over your garden area. This will warm the soil long before it warms on it’s own and you can begin early planting to your heart’s content. Once the temperature outside rises and everyone else is just beginning their spring planting, your seedlings have already had a month or more head start. When the time is right, all you have to do it remove your greenhouse and expose your healthy plants to the outside air and sunshine.

If you want to move your plants to different areas of your yard, you can simply transplant as each variety is ready.

Many gardeners who live in mild climates use this greenhouse all year round. It not only warms the ground and air, it also protects from an unexpected frost, an errant basketball or baseball, or hungry and curious animals both the two legged and four legged kind.

What material is the Frame of the greenhouse?

One of the most important components of a greenhouse is the frame from which it’s constructed. If it’s not strong, it can bend during assembly or during use. The Spring Gardener Gable is constructed of steel with a power coat finish.

Steel Frame:

This assures the frame is rigid, strong and sturdy even in inclement weather. Unless you live in a mild climate with very little wind, it is advisable to use ground anchors or attach your greenhouse to a frame of some kind. If your garden doesn’t have anything to anchor the frame to, use the ground anchors. They are the easiest and will keep your movable greenhouse safe and secure.

The Powder Coating is important both for function and looks.


  • Powder coating is tougher than conventional paint.
  • It emits zero or near zero volatile chemical compounds which can affect the environment and human health
  • It produces less hazardous waste when it’s manufactured
  • It resists rust


The color matches the valance and walls of your greenhouse which gives a more streamlined, integrated appearance.

What about the Covering?

Your greenhouses’s efficiency in warming the soil and air within will be determined by the covering of the roof and walls of the structure. The Spring Gardener Gable is covered by a reinforced polyethelene fabric which is extremely durable. In addition the built-in UV protection will help keep your delicate plants from burning during their most vulnerable stage of growth.

The trim is a durable canvas of the same color.

How important is Ventilation?

Without proper ventilation, greenhouses and their plants become prone to a myriad of problems. It is a major factor in determining the success of your growing efforts.

  • Ventilation helps to regulate the temperature inside the structure. Even in cool weather, the greenhouse can become too warm and the air stagnant. Plants at any stage of growth will die more easily from heat than from cold, so it’s important to use ventilation to help regulate the degree of heat.
  • Fresh air movement inside your greenhouse is also important for photosynthesis. All plants need carbon dioxide in order to photosynthesize, to produce the sugars they use as food.
  • Ventilation also has an effect on pest infestations in greenhouses. If your plants are weak from insufficient air circulation, they can more easily fall victim to opportunistic bugs. Also, bugs and flies like still air and will make themselves very comfortable if there is little or no airflow.
  • Plants grown outdoors will be subject to natural pollination. When growing inside, it will be necessary to provide sufficient ventilation for interior airflow to mimic wind and therefore help pollinate. Gentle moving air will usually be sufficient for your self-pollinating plants such as tomatoes. As with all plants, the more pollination, the more prolific the fruiting.

The Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse not only has full-width (zippered) doors on both ends, there are windows on both sides. The windows coverings roll up and there is insect netting to help keep out flying insects.

You can add a simple fan if you need even more air movement.

Another appealing feature of this greenhouse is it’s ease of assembly. There are wing nuts so you do not need tools. If you decide to add the optional ground anchors, you’ll just need a mallet to drive them into the ground.

The sources I recommend have 30 day money back guarantees, but the manufacturer, Jewett Cameron, offers a full one year warranty against defects. And of course, shipping is free.

Where Can I Buy the Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse?

The best price and most reliable service I have found is from both Amazon and AllGreenhouses. This greenhouse has been in such demand that both vendors can run out at any given time. Different sizes are available from each vendor depending on stock.

To view the availability at Amazon.com, go here.

Download the Assembly Instructions.

Size Options

6’W x 8’L x 7’H
8’W x 10’L x 8’H
10’W x 20’L x 9’H

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