SpringHouse Greenhouse

The SpringHouse by FlowerHouseIf you’re looking for a compact and lightweight greenhouse you can easily transport, setup and take down, the SpringHouse will do the trick. It’s great for starting your seeds early in the spring while the ground is still too cold. In the fall, you can easily disassemble the unit and store.

Weatherproof with it’s UV resistant poly covering, if you have cold nights you will still need a portable heater. The interior temperature will drop to the exterior temperature, which may not matter if you live in a mild climate. If you do add a portable heater, there are four areas of access for your power cord but be sure to place the greenhouse as close as you can to an electrical outlet for convenience.

Many users have complained that this unit is difficult to set up, but I didn’t find it so. I’ve used it in the desert where days are warm in winter but nights can be very cold. Plants, such as my tomatoes will grow without a covering but they grow much faster placed inside the Springhouse. In addition, in the winter we get occasional freezing nights. With the Springhouse, I don’t worry that I might miss covering the tomatoes on those nights we get a surprise freeze.

Another positive about this little greenhouse – if you live in an area where rabbits or other critters eat your veggies, this will protect them. And if you get high winds, blossoms will stay intact on the plants.

You’ll find plenty of reasons to love the Springhouse.

A free butterfly folding stool is included in the price, as are ground stakes, tie-downs, shade cover, and storage pack. Be sure to usebutterfly stool the tie-downs as this unit is fairly lightweight and subject to spring gusts. It will do fine as long as you use the ground stakes and tie-downs.

For more information and to purchase the SpringHouse, go here.

If  the butterfly design catches your fancy, there is an entire line of butterfly designed outdoor furniture here. Many of pieces are much more elaborate, fashioned of heavy cast aluminum and even stained glass.

Flowerhouse guarantees the Springhouse, but be sure to fill out the warranty card within 14 days of purchase to activate the warranty.

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