The Cape Cod by BC Greenhouse Builders

Cape Cod by BC Greenhouse BuildersWe’ve already talked about BC Greenhouse quality being top notch, and if you have very harsh winters, you need the best quality greenhouse you can find.

If you want an especially attractive look together with a very strong structure, the Cape Cod would fit the bill. The Cape Cod has all the charm of traditional New England architecture with its extra steep roofline to shed a typical heavy New England snowfall. Of course you don’t need to live in the northeast to experience a blizzard so wherever there’s snow, a roofline designed to shed that extra weight becomes mandatory.

The Cape Cod boasts another great option. You can opt for glass or polycarbonate roof panels. The poly roof will give you added strength so you don’t need to worry if the snow builds up. You will, however need to keep your roof clear so the solar powered roof vents can open and close, and the steep 45 degree pitch of the roofline will enable you to more easily brush off snow to keep it from becoming too deep.

If you prefer a traditional glass greenhouse the Cape Cod garden greenhouse kit supplies side panels of single pane glass. This will really show off your plants, even the ones hidden under the benches. If you need less direct light for a time you can hang shade cloth and remove it when your plants are ready for the sun.

You can start with a 12’9″ length and add to it with extensions as your needs increase. If you start with this size, the roof peak is 10 feet high. If you hang large plants and you need even more height, the 16′ model boasts a 12′ height. You can add length to either model.

It’s a beautiful greenhouse that you’ll want to show off, so pick a space in your yard that’s visable from your house. Your family and friends will be able to see and admire its beauty and the beauty of the plants you have nurtured with your own two hands.

Size Options
8′ 7.5″ W x 12′ 8.5″ L x 10′ 2.125″ H
12′ 8.5″ W x 16′ 9.5″ L x 12′ 2.5″ H

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