The Conservatory

The Conservatory by SolexxSolexx’s Conservatory style greenhouse is unusual in it’s size and shape. This is what’s known as a hoop style but it boasts an especially wide facade. It’s broad “U” shape design gives enough space on the front wall for the two included front doors. Because you have two separate interior pathways, there is an included 60″ wide center double shelf reachable from both paths. Side shelves are available extras.

You should add a large louvered window high on the front wall, and add 6-8 base vents and a fan for optimal circulation.

The frame is a composite material which looks like PVC but is stronger. Depending on your climate choose either the 3.5mm or 5mm double walled polycarbonate panels.

The company utilizes its proprietary panel material on this unit and because of its opaqueness you may not need a shade cloth. They do however offer a black shade cloth as an accessory if you find you need it. Wide Open Interior

A tie-down kit is an absolute necessity and comes with your unit. Because you don’t need a base or foundation with the Conservatory, don’t skip on the tie-downs. They will anchor your unit from the elements.

You get a lot of interior space for the money with this unit. The interior height is 9.5′ which allows room for large plants or small trees. In fact, because the unit can be portable you could even place it over an existing garden as long as you can keep the base on a level surface.

Take a look at the variety of sizes.

What it lacks in beauty if makes up for in utility and economy.

Size Options
16′ W x 8′ L x 9′ 6″ H
16′ W x 16′ L x 9′ 6″ H
16′ W x 20′ L x 9′ 6″ H

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