The FarmHouse Greenhouse

Farmhouse by Flowerhouse GreenhouseThis FarmHouse Greenhouse by Flowerhouse boasts a unique concept. The unit has a 9’x9′ footprint, but multiple units can be zipped together. The only size constraint comes when you reach the edge of your property.

By closing off a single unit you can create an entirely different climate from the unit next to it. You are limited only by your imagination and your needs.

Each “room” has 2 fully screened doors and 12 screened windows. This gives you unlimited options for regulating air circulation and creating the different climates. If you want more than one unit to share the climate with the next one, just leave their doors unzipped.

You can place the FarmHouse anywhere, directly on soil or on a patio. There are spaces for power cords and a hose.

Flowerhouse’s special Gro-Tec polyethylene material is UV resistant and weatherproof. Keep in mind though, during the night your greenhouse temperature will fall to equal the outside temperature. If your nights become so cold that your plants will be damaged, a heater is a must.

This is an extremely flexible unit. There is very little assembly required and the unit comes with all the necessary components; ground stakes, fiberpoles, high wind tie-downs, shade cover, even a carry pack. Interior shelves are extra.

If this greenhouse suits your needs, look at it here.

Size Options
9′ W x 9′ L x 8′ H

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