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The Perfect Greenhouse Shoes – Crocs

by Jean Gallagher on May 14, 2010

Almost everyone I know who gardens has a pair of Crocs™. Who wouldn’t? They’re perfect for standing in damp areas. Just like plants that are bred to resist fungus and are especially sought after for greenhouses, these Crocs™ are made to resist bacteria and the fungus that can be a problem in a damp greenhouse environment.

Virginia Tech did a study of problems gardeners develop from wearing boots while gardening. They say that when working in a damp garden environment in shoes or boots that can leak, the gardener runs the risk of developing trench foot from prolonged exposure to moisture. Closed boots hold moisture and wearing socks just makes it worse. If your weather is cool and you must wear socks, don’t wear cotton as it doesn’t wick moisture away and actually keeps it close to the skin. Orlon or polypropelene socks are the best choice as they help keep your feet dry, even if your boots get damp, which they will.

When the weather is too warm for boots,  Crocs™ are a great choice because your feet will be exposed to the air. Air circulation helps keep your tootsies healthy. You’ll also be standing for extended periods of time. If the floor of your greenhouse is a hard surface like concrete or bricks, your feet can get very tired and achy – these will cushion your feet like you’re sitting in a rocking chair.

These are the newest ones with the striped band around the sole. Why not be fashionable while you’re tending your plants and sowing your veggies? They also come in navy blue, black or white. When you’re finished gardening, just spray them with the hose and you’re ready for a party!

Crocs - Crocband (Lime) - Footwear Crocs - Crocband (Yellow) - Footwear Crocs - Crocband (Dahlia) - Footwear Crocs - Crocband (Bubblegum) - Footwear
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