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Juliana Premium GreenhouseIf you’ve even been happily working in a greenhouse when a pile of snow drops from tree branches above, you’ll appreciate any greenhouse whose roof is extra strong.

The Juliana Premium heavy duty garden greenhouse uses 10mm polycarbonate panels that not only protects you overhead, but also keeps the warmth in on all four sides. If you live in a very cold climate, this could be the perfect structure for you.

The frame is extra strong aluminum and even the base is exceptional. Made of steel, the foundation kit gives this greenhouse extra strength and stability to withstand nigh winds and freezing temperatures.

The Juliana Premium is available in two sizes; 9” and 14′, both with a 9′ width. The 9′ width is unusual for a greenhouse this size. If you’ve had other greenhouses in the past, you’ll be amazed at howLots of room inside much extra room the 9′ expanse gives you for equipment, more plants or just to move around. Unfortunately there are no extension kits made so the two sizes are it.

Another nice feature of this greenhouse is the enclosed rain gutter. Rather than pouring along the sides of the structure, rain is funneled to the downspout – a nice bonus. The dutch doors are also an added feature that give the structure a European feel, not unusual since it was designed in Europe.

When you begin to build your new greenhouse, don’t let the poorly written instructions deter you – once you separate the pieces you’ll find the actual construction is not difficult.

The Juliana Premium is pricy, but you’re paying for the added strength and durability of the frame, panels and base, a necessity if you garden in harsh climates. Bring a table and chairs inside and picture yourself lounging amidst fragrant blooms with the snow blowing all around you. You’ll be snug and warm.

Size Options
9′ 1″ W x 9′ 9″ L x 7′ 10″ H
9′ 1″ W x 14′ 6″ L x 7′ 10″ H

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