The Sun Garden

The Sun Garden by BC Greenhouse BuildersIf you’re looking for a compact greenhouse to try your hand at greenhouse gardening, you can’t go wrong with the Sun Garden. Similar in design to their more expensive “Anniversary” model, the Sun Garden is a lot of quality for a very reasonable price.

It’s already pre-made so BC Greenhouse Builders is able to keep the price down. And even though it’s more of a “starter” model, you can easily add to its size at a later date as your needs grow with your love of greenhouse gardening.

Its almost square footprint is given an extra flair with a curved roof design. The roof’s curvature also gives more overhead space than those with a straight slope.

The aluminum frame and 6mm twinwall polycarbonate panels make this greenhouse very sturdy and able to withstand even the most inclimate weather. From the snowiest winters to the most intense sun this greenhouse can handle them all. The poly is opaque and so diffuses direct sunlight and keeps your plants from burning. If you have very strong sun and your plants prefer shade it would still be advisable to use shade cloth however.

It also has the same solar-powered roof vent as the more expensive models. Even the door has a sliding vent.

Even though the Sun Garden is considered a compact model greenhouse, you have the option to add to its size at a later time. Since it has the quality and attributes of a more advanced model, you can feel confident adding to this “starter” structure as it will last you a lifetime.

7′ 7.625″ H x 8′ 3.75″ W x 8′ 4.75″ D

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