Top Rated Commercial Greenhouses

3 Top Rated COMMERCIAL Greenhouses

Weatherguard Commercial Greenhouse by Jewett Cameron

Weatherguard Greenhouse by Jewett Cameron

This has been an all-around favorite of commercial and serious hobby gardeners. Cost effective, this unit is easy to erect – most of the assembly can be done by one person.

The galvanized steel ribs are strong enough to hold the heaviest hanging plants.

Venting all around the base together with the removable front and back panels allow for maximum control of air circulation.

All around great value.

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Gardener Series by Juliana

The workhorse of the top commercial picks, this unit offers the ability to divide the interior into separate spaces.

It also gets high marks for the large wide door which enables large equipment to be brought inside for convenience.

Clear sidewall panels enable maximum light.

An all-around quality unit for the serious gardener.

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Cross Country Seymour Curved Series by BC Greenhouses

The usual BC Greenhouse Builders quality, this commercial offering is definitely the most stylish. Don’t let the pretty facade fool you though.  It’s strong and extremely weatherproof.

The frame is aluminum with a white finish standard. For an additional $500, you can opt for green or brown enamel instead.

Another option with the Seymour is the ease with which it can be expanded at a later date if you find you need more space.

A highly rated unit by one of the best greenhouse builders in the world. Their customer service also makes this a top pick.

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