Top Rated Mini, Portable and Lean To Greenhouses

4 Top Rated MINI, PORTABLE AND LEAN TO Greenhouses

The GrowCamp

The GrowCamp
Still the #1 selling greenhouse on the market this spring, the simplicity of the Grow Camp is deceiving.

The ease of construction and use will continue to make this a winner, especially when you begin to harvest your crops. You really will get the outstanding yields the Grow Camp in know for.

Read our review for a more detailed description of this little gem.

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Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse

Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse

This high quality portable greenhouse by Jewett Cameron will help extend your growing season by several months.

Three sizes, this one is out of stock frequently. Check both venders (below) depending on the size that each vendor has available.

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Lean to Greenhouse by Sunshine Gardenhouse

Lean To by Gardenhouse

Lean to greenhouses are wonderful, especially for, (but of course not limited to) kitchen gardens.

This offering is considered one of the best because it’s quality of construction keeps drafts outside where they belong.You will be pleasantly surprised by the small amount of energy usage to heat your plants in the coldest conditions.

If you want the frame to fade into the background, simply paint it the same color as your home, or to whatever structure you have it attached

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Farmhouse Greenhouse by Flowerhouse

FarmHouse by Flowerhouse

A quick solution, check out this durable portable greenhouse by Flowerhouse.
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