Top Rated Stand Alone Greenhouses

4 Top Rated STAND ALONE Greenhouses

Green Giant and Prestige Greenhouses by Rion

Prestige and Green Giant by Rion
There are some greenhouse gardeners who wouldn’t think of using any greenhouse if it’s not made by Rion.

Both the Green Giant (opaque poly) and Prestige (clear poly) are highly sought after because of their barn-style roof. This gives an amazing amount of extra overhead space for hanging pots.

The material is a hard, durable resin and all pieces snap together.

Check out the full line. You may become a die-hard also.

Prestige link is below.

Green Giant can be viewed here.

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The Conservatory Greenhouse by Solexx

The Conservatory by Solexx
This is the most popular of all the hoop greenhouses. It’s sturdy and will last a lifetime.

The width and double front doors enable 2 aisles with benches running down either side and a wide bench running down the center from front to rear.

The Conservatory is available in a variety depths: 8′, 16′ and 20 feet but all are 16 feet wide.

It also comes in a lean to style but the free standing is the most popular.

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Snap and Grow by Polytex

Snap and Grow Silver Series by Poly Tex Average Internet Rating
Although only a 4 star rating, I’ve included the Snap and Grow greenhouse because of it’s popularity.

Attractive to look at, inexpensively priced and relatively easy to assemble, this Snap and Grow series has been popular for some time.

It will extend the growing season but I would not recommend it for winter use in extremely cold and snowy climates.

As its owners will agree, for the price, you can’t beat it!

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Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier Greenhouses by Sunshine Gardenhouse

Mt Rainier and Mt Hood by Sunshine Gardenhouse
For the purist who can’t live without a redwood greenhouse, Sunshine Gardenhouse delivers. Sturdy, well built and attractive, the Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier differ only by width. The Mr. Rainier are all 8 feet wide, the Mt. Hood, 6 ft. Both come in a variety of depths from eight to 16 feet.

Double glazed windows make for an energy efficient structure, which it’s owners appreciate in areas of extreme cold and high winds. This greenhouse is said to withstand 100 mph winds.

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